Care & Maintenance of iSUP

Sept. 30,2019

Under normal usage´╝îinflatable SUP can use more than 2 or 3 years, with proper maintenance, an iSUP can last you a long time.

1. About the storage of inflatable paddle board, storing it in a shady place, you should avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long time. UV rays are PVC killers, colors will fade as time goes by.

2. Cleaning is simple, but necessary. When you have done, please remember to rise your paddle board and other accessories with fresh water. If there are some stains, can use mild soap to clean it with a piece of cloth.

3. Before rolling up the inflatable stand-up paddle board, make sure the board is dry, prevent from bacterial and mould growth.

P.S. Try to avoid throwing or dragging it on sand, when you buy an iSUP, usually will equip with a repair kit and more than one year guarantee.


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