Is water tube different from snow tube?

Oct. 12,2019

It's already in October now, winter is coming on the way. In winter, snow sliding and skiing is indispensable activity.

Water tubes, water floates are common in every family. Can water tubes use for snow sliding? 

In general, snow tubes and river tubes are no huge differences. 

Water tubes and pool floats are made of heavy duty PVC, with welded seams, and sometimes with handles and cup holders. In fact, there are lots of types for functions. A majority of water tubes can use aspool floats, swimming ring, towables etc. 

Otherwise, when it uses as snow tubing, the snow might wear out the PVC and decrease its life span. Because snowis a crystalline form of water, clumps of snow and ice can have sharp edges. 

Overall, snow tubes are made from heavy duty PVC fabrics, specially for snow sports, better to resist cuts, tears, and punctures, more durable.

When you use them, try not to slide in places with rocky and woods, bring along a patch kit, spare valves, and a pump as possible.Is water tube different from snow tube?Is water tube different from snow tube?


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