Material of inflatable kayak, similar with inflatable SUP

Nov. 8,2019

Is brand the most important factor? When you buy inflatable kayak, firstly to know the material of inflatable kayak.

Inflatable Kayaks are made of three types of materials. 

  1. PVC is the common material of blow-up inflatable kayak, because the material is colorful, durable, easy to purchase, could use in different areas andwith compatible price. However, the UV rays will damage this material easily.
  2. Nitrylon are used to instead of PVC gradually. They are more environmentfriendly and more resistance to UV rays.
  3. Another material is Hypalon, which is the most durable material coating of inflatable kayak, with excellent aging resistance and UV endurance underhigh temperature.

OEM water sports equipment factory can customize what kinds of kayak you want, supplying with all types of materials for your options.Material of inflatable kayak, similar with inflatable SUP


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