OEM inflatable stand up paddle board for yoga

Dec. 28,2019

Have you try to do yoga on an inflatable SUP? More and more people are trying to do yoga on aninflatable paddle board. It is a new entertainment for people to close to nature and stretch your body.

Here is an upgraded OEM inflatable SUP for yoga lovers. This ISUP more resemble a yoga mat, wide enough for progressive yoga poses.

OEM inflatable stand up paddle board for yoga

It is not only use as inflatable yoga mat, also could use for gymnastics, meditation. In addition, it could be used on beach or water, garden, grass land.

The surface is made of high quality EVA, increase comfort and slip resistance for more safety while doing yoga.The inflatable SUP board give you a good support, you will feel quite stable when you do yoga on the water, suitable to different water areas. 


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