Our guide to the 5 best Inflatable Kayaks

Jun. 9,2020

Our experts focus on thousands hours researching analyzing and testing products to recommend best packs of Inflatable Kayak.

The first Inflatable Kayak by advanced elements strait edge kayak. Here Below, 

Our guide to the 5 best Inflatable Kayaks

PROS: built-in aluminum frame handles more like a hard-shell models. Inflatable effortlessly and tracks well. material is durable and resists punctures.

CONS takes a while to dry out. Only accommondates on person. some owners find the drain plugs awkward to use. The best of use is bottom line. Superior durability, maneuverability and comfort. The one to get if you want an option that handles almost as well as hard-shell kayak. 

NO.2 Best Value is Intext 2 person Kayak with Aluminum Oars and Air Pump.

Here are the 

PROS: Strong seam welds and reinforcements. Basic paddles and air pump included. Good stability during boarding and exiting. 

CONS: Not suitable for white-water kayaking or other advanced uses. Paddles are not durable. Skeg has a tendency to break off; Some modifications needed.

the best of use BOTTOM LINE: An affordable choice for casual users and those who want to experience kayaking on calmer waters. Roomy enough for 2 adults and gear; inflates in 15 minutes.

NO.3 TOP PICK SEA Eagle Inflatable Kayak Deluxe Package

Pros: 3 person, 650 lbs capacity. Generous storage space for paddles, gear , lifejackets. Very forgiving around rocks, limbs, other hazards.  Standard seats provide minimal back support. ( Consider premium upgrade. Susceptible to stronge wind / upstream currents.

Bottle line: Affordable, portable alternative to plastic, although a few upgrades would make it even better 3 person capacity could be stretch.

Our guide to the 5 best Inflatable Kayaks

NO.4 Intex challenger K1 kayak

PROS: A sporty 1 person inflatable that stands out for comfort and affordability. Ample leg space for most users. handy cargo net. Inflates quickly.

CONS: weight limit is only 220 lbs. Not intended for rough waters. Pump is awkward to use. 

BOTTOM LINE: Though not for everyone, it's a great choice for novices and enthusiasts who like to spend time on lakes and slow-moving water.

Our guide to the 5 best Inflatable Kayaks

NO.5 AIRHEAD Montana Performance 2-Person Kayak

PROS: Lightweight and easy to inflate and transfport. comfortable seats. Can handle up to Class 2 rapids with decent tracking. 

CONS: Design flaw can make boat sit unevenly in water. Oars and pump sold separately. Removable air bladders are not easy to maintain between uses.

Bottom line: Suitable for 2 people w/a 500lb limit. Performance is comparable to a basic hard shell kayak. We recommend keeping a manual pump on board.

Our guide to the 5 best Inflatable Kayaks


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