Sprinkle Splash Water Play Mat Inflatable Splash Pool

May. 29,2020

 Summer Outdoor Garden Lawn Spray Toys for Kids/Children/Boys/Girls/Dog and Pets, Durable PVC Eco-Friendly Material.Sprinkle & Splash Water Play Mat, 60 Inch Blue Inflatable Sprinkler Pad.

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Inflatable splash pool

spray toys

baby water play mat

inflatable sprinkler

sprinkle water play mat

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Children very like it, try it risk free, we value very much your compliments, excellent quality,perfect design and friendly customer support will stand the test of time. 

First Class Material: New enhanced durable and environmental protection non-slip PVC,60" Diameter with 25 mm, high quality without leakage, no harmful chemicals, well-made, we first choice of Sprinkle and splash play mat pad with over 5 years long-lasting lifespan. 

Exciting Desigh: Stylish, brigh and comfortable color,sea animal theme and white wavy, beautifully patterned, it's a hit to your summer.enjoy cool and fun! 

Learning While Play: 3-in-1 baby pool, splash pad, sprinkler, 60" perfect size sprinkler mat provides great play ares for 3-5 kids, just plug it to a garden hose or PVC tubing and adjust water pressure to lower or higher the spray height. it starts squirting and let the fun begin for kiddie and pets.(about 1 to 6 Feet,maybe more depending on water pressure.) 

Best Gifts: Remarkable and refined charm, perfect party and birthday gift, it's a lifesaver on hot days. it is a special outdoor gift for Children, Toddlers Boys, Girls, Kids and pets. it fits a wide range of ages´╝îwhat you see is what you get, exceeded our expectation.     

Sprinkle Splash Water Play Mat Inflatable Splash Pool

Sprinkle Splash Water Play Mat Inflatable Splash Pool

Sprinkle Splash Water Play Mat Inflatable Splash PoolSprinkle Splash Water Play Mat Inflatable Splash Pool          


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